Alright people are you ready for this?!  I’m switching it up a bit and we’re now going to do monthly challenges, this will keep us all on the same page and provide more accountability.  So this month is a two part challenge.  If you’re a fan on Facebook you’ve already got the heads up on this if not head on over and become a fan by clicking here.  The first part of the challenge is to have at minimum 4 servings of veggies a day, a serving being 1/2 cup.  Did you catch that, at minimum 4 servings…that means on most days you can and should be adding more!

The second part of November’s challenge is 100 (total) single leg hip raises or 100 hip raises.  Your goal should be to work up to single leg and do 50 each leg, if you’re just starting out keep both feet on the floor.  Tomorrow I will be sending you more info with good tips on what veggies to stock up on and which ones to have in moderation along with some awesome health benefits that certain veggies can give you!  You will also get a video showing you exactly how to do a hip raise and why this is the exercise I chose for this challenge. 

These monthly challenges are a great way to get friends and family involved in with your healthy lifestyle or for YOU to get started on the path of healthy living!  So share em, challenge each other with them, have fun with it, make up new recipes and share them with us on Facebook!

So!  Tomorrow look for a video showing you exaclyt how to do a hip raise and progress it to a single leg hip raise for added difficulty as well as some good veggie choices and some added benefits that you may not be aware of!

Until tomorrow, have a great day and remember, what you did last year, last month, last week, yesterday or an hour ago does not have to determine what you do right now.  Every second is a new chance to do and be better, to change the loop, to think new thoughts, to make better choices…every second.

I was reminded today that even though a task may look and feel to be more than you can handle if you just pick one thing, just one small thing and do it, that is something.  Chunk it down, commit to one thing a day and eventually it will get done, you will get closer to your goal whatever it may be.


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